What is a travel planner?

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The travel planner organizes leisure and business trips. He is first and foremost attentive to the needs and desires of his clients.

A citytrip in Warsaw is not a 3-week road trip to discover Italy or a teambuilding in Bucharest. A romantic road trip to celebrate your silver wedding with dignity is not comparable to a road trip between friends in their twenties.

Each traveler has its own needs and desires. Traveling with children is different from traveling with teenagers. Not only age but also health have an impact on travel. Food allergies or intolerances, for example, require special precautions. A travel planner will take into account all your specificities and your travel expectations to offer you a suitable trip that suits you.

Once the program has been validated, he will send you the booking links for your trip, which you must follow to book your tailor-made trip. You will also receive a recap, which you can easily consult with you throughout your trip.

And now, how do we proceed?