Discover the Uncharted: Your Dream European Road Trip Awaits

What is meant by road trip and what will make up your travel?

You have always dreamed of going on an adventure, of discovering other countries, other cultures, but so far you haven’t dared. Whatever the reasons! Together, we can finally fix it and organize the road trip of your dreams!

By road trip we mean a trip, with a certain number of stops. To do this, you can use different means of transport: the car, the motorcycle or the bicycle but also public transports like trains, busses or even boats.

A road trip can cross one country or several. You can start your road trip from your home, with your own car for example, or go to a starting point using another means of transport.

Thus, if you live in Belgium for example, you could leave with your own vehicle, cross the border and go around Germany, or even cross France and go around Italy. You could also take a plane to Sofia, rent a car there and start your tour of Bulgaria from there.

Once defined your place of discovery and your means(s) of transport, there are still the steps to plan. The number of stages as well as their type will vary according to your affinities and your tourist expectations. The same goes for the distances traveled between each stage.
Then, the accommodation must be ideally planned. There are many varieties of accommodation (hotels, homestays, etc.) to choose from according to your tastes and your budget but also according to local habits.
The place, the means of transport, the stages, the accommodation chosen, remains to be determined the visits or activities to be carried out. Again, this will depend on your affinities, the age of the participants and their level of mobility.

Keep in mind, however, that it is possible to organize a road trip for everyone, young and old. We simply have to take into account the specificities of the participants.
Planning a road trip can be done at different levels. Some clients only want us to plan the stages and accommodations for them. Others push the planning further including tours, activities and restaurants

Here some examples of road trips that we have already planned:

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