Crossing Europe road trip Take your kids on a road trip!

Take your kids on a road trip!

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The end of the year is approaching and you are already thinking about your next summer vacation. You think of a stay at the sea or in the mountains for a change. But, why not both after all, or even a family road trip? Because, yes, it is possible to take your children on a road trip. It’s an adventure, it’s true, but, well organized, these holidays will be unforgettable and will bring you even closer to your children.

To go where?

There are many regions to discover with your family in Europe. To choose your destination it is important to take into account different criteria specific to your family.

First, you will need to consider the language spoken at the destination and the languages ​​spoken by your family members. Very often, in Europe, we get by with English.

You will also have to take into account the tastes and expectations of your family. If you dream of discovering fabulous landscapes, if you are nature lovers, let’s take your car to discover Croatia, Bulgaria or Romania, for example. If you are passionate about culture and history and want to discover exceptional sites and incredible museums with your family, choose Italy, Austria or Hungary instead.

In the car with children?

Do you think your children are unruly in the car? But aren’t they also in a swimming pool or a playground?

During our first family road trip, my children were between 5 and 10 years old, three noisy (but adorable) kids who used to spend their vacations at an all-in hotel by the sea or in the mountains. I had chosen to travel through France for 3 weeks. We went from town to town, staying in small family hotels. We made incredible discoveries and above all we found ourselves. The car replaced our house during this road trip. Of course, you have to adapt: ​​short stages, fun activities, surprises,… But the game is worth the effort! They enjoyed this type of trip so much that we continued the following years: Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Georgia,…

The key: good preparation!

As with any road trip, we are not really going on an adventure. You have to plan your trip several months in advance. Providing transport, stages and accommodation is one thing. But preparing a road trip is much more than that, especially with children. Visits, fun activities, meals (and the children often eat!) and breaks (you also have to rest on vacation!) must be planned if you want to make your family road trip an unforgettable memory for everyone.

This preparation can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have a busy schedule and little experience in the field. This is where a travel planner comes in. Send me your wishes and requirements and I will plan for you the road trip you dreamed of with your family.