Crossing Europe teambuilding A teambuilding abroad?

A teambuilding abroad?

It is often said that taking a step back, putting miles behind you, can change things and above all is good.

The objectives of a moment of teambuilding can be numerous: to strengthen the bonds between the members of a team, to integrate new colleagues, to reveal the tensions between members of a team or between several groups and to find ways to resolve them. It can also simply be an opportunity to thank, to congratulate a team for its work or the results obtained.

Whatever the desired objectives, a teambuilding stay abroad is an appropriate solution.

A teambuilding abroad needs preparation!

A trip should always be suitable for the participants. It is important to take into account the many criteria specific to your team, such as their age, their gender, their desires, their fears, their physical condition. Taking these criteria into account will allow you to start your teambuilding in optimal conditions. Without falling into clichés, if your team is made up of single 30-year-old athletes, your teambuilding will be different from that made up of young mothers or independent employees in their fifties.

Going on teambuilding abroad needs to be prepared longer in advance than a residential stay a few kilometers from your office. You have to ask yourself the question of the means of transport (car, train, plane, bus?) and the costs incurred. Will they be supported by your company or not? Whether or not you are involved in transport costs, it should be booked early enough! As with a local stay, it is also necessary to book accommodation, meals and the specific teambuilding activities.

Which destination to choose?

The question of destination is also important. There are a multitude of destinations in Europe that can suit for teambuildings. Here, the criteria that you will have to take into account for your choice will be financial. One region is not the other in terms of the cost of living. Thus, the budget for a teambuilding in Bucharest, Prague, Budapest or Sofia will clearly not be the same as in Brussels, Amsterdam or Paris.

You will also have to take into account the expectations of the participants, their desires but also their fears. If your participants live in Western Europe, they could be excited to discover the East or, on the contrary, be reluctant, which would not be a good beginning for your teambuilding. Similarly, capitals might frighten some people. In this case, it would be wise to opt for cities on a human scale such as Liège, Lyon, Bratislava, Munich, Sibiu, Plovdiv, Bilbao or Porto for instance.

Find suitable activities

Whatever the chosen destination, there is always a way to organize activities adapted to your participants. Traveling in itself is already an activity, as is discovering the city. There are many possibilities for walks to discover the cities (cultural, historical, thematic, etc.) guided or not.

Depending on your criteria, there are search games in the city or escape games. And why not opt ​​for an original museum or a botanical garden to play your team games?

Do you want to set up an original teambuilding abroad that will suit both your team’s expectations and your budget? Trust a travel planner. In addition to useful tips, you will save time and money.